Last Sunday’s Playlist: Easter 7A, Ascension & Maya Angelou Tribute

1st June  2014, Easter 7A: Ascension  Colour: White/ Gold  

Highlights from our Sunday 10am ‘Work of The People’  PRAY SERVICE  ‘playlist’… in the hope that it may re-source you to better follow Jesus in your world…

C2W (Call to Worship)

We used these slides and video to make some connections between the life of Maya Angelou (who died this week); Paul Dunbar and Paul the Apostle… that we may hear the voice of caged birds singing the hope of the ascension from the places of enslavement in our world and in our lives… making captivity itself a captive and giving us gifts…

maya caged bird

caged bird

paul imprisioned

Sending Out – Benediction

We concluded with quotes from Maya connected to our own core values/practices to which we will covenant at next weeks Pentecost Potluck ‘EAT’ Service.

Leader: Maya Angelou says…

Response: “In the grace of the ascended one, may we also rise!”

We concluded with Ben Harper’s take on Angelou’s poem “And Still I Rise”

maya benedictionmaya benediction 2



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