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In 1886 Newmarket Baptist Church began when our founder Alfred ‘Dad’ Mathew’s put an advertisement in the local paper calling people to join

“a cause in our neigbourhood” 

Today this cause aims to resource local community and spirituality through shared practices of praying, eating, learning and serving in the Spirit of Jesus.  Here are some ways you can be involved….


I want to be a FRIEND 

Friends connect occasionally through online communication and events. This is a key way for former members and a non-locals to support our work.

  •  Send me updates on the life and work of Newmarket Baptist Church.

How often: Weekly; Monthly; Quarterly

I would like to receive invitations to our public events.

I would like to contribute financially to the cause.


I want to be a VOLUNTEER  : 

I am interested in serving the cause in Melbourne’s Inner North West through contributing to :

 Local Food Projects

  • Flemington People’s Pantry (Wednedsays 10am-4pm)
  • Ecumenical Community Lunch (Mondays 12 noon)
  • Food at Church Events
  • Other……………………………

 Local Arts/ Music/ and Cultural Events

  • Feast of Maryam (March 25)
  • Easter Walk
  • Ecumenical Concert
  • Christmas Events
  • Pub Singing Events
  • Other……………………………..

Children and Families

  • Sunday Kids Program
  • Other………………………….

Young People and Sport 

  • African Soccer Club
  • Cricket
  • State Youth Games  (June Long Weekend)
  • Other……………………………………..



Covenant Partners are those who publicly confess faith in Jesus Christ and/or have expressed this through the rite of baptism. They prayerfully commit each year to personal covenant rhythms of praying, eating, learning and serving through Newmarket Baptist Church.  Covenant partners are expected to gather regularly and to help the church discern its direction and make decisions at church meetings.

Our partners may also include dedicated children of adult covenant partners who share and learn in our life of faith;

or people of any or no faith who seek to belong and explore this faith with us in a committed way.


“if the word community is to mean or amount to anything , it must refer to a place (in its natural integrity) and its people. it must refer to a placed people.”   – Wendell Berry

For us such ‘placed people’ include…

The Wurundjeri of the Kulin nation

Alfred ‘Dad’ Mathews who placed the advertisement in the local paper for “ a cause in our neighbourhood”.

Mrs Meyer who’s young women’s’ group taught life skills and raised funds for locals during the 1930’s depression.

Joseph and Licia Ciampa who travelled from Italy to start the first Italian baptist speaking church in Victoria in the post-war 1950‘s.

Betty Lynch (our oldest member) who has supported multicultural children’s and community food programs with local public housing estate residents since the 1980’s.

So  what about now and what about you?

We welcome friends and partners to participate in our shared life as:

friends  through online or occasional connection, with a focus on former members or non-local supporters.

volunteers  who join us are in the work of our neighbourhood causes

faith community members  Members of our People’s Place faith community run

  • Peoples Prayer, (a simple Christian prayer gathering Sunday’s 4.30-6pm)
  • The Flemington People’s Pantry,
  • Tiny Tunes Playgroup
  • various local public events through the year such as ‘Beer and Carols’ and host the community centre.

We are a missional community of Essendon Baptist Community Church and custodians of the buildings on behalf of Baptist Union of Victoria.

 12 Brighton Street, Flemington, Victoria 3031
  • email:
  • The Sanctuary, Meeting Room & People’s Food Hall spaces are available for public hire.



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