Last Sunday’s Playlist: Tim’s Homemade Bread

Last Sunday’s Playlist @ Newmarket Baptist 

26th August 2012, Ordinary Time 21B: Colour: Green

Highlights from our Sunday 10am Community Prayer space ‘playlist’… in the hope that it may re-source you to better follow Jesus in your world…

Open Space:

Our 5 lectionary weeks on John Chapter 6  has been an odyssey of reflection upon the “Bread of Life” and what it means for us to be a people who are both united in our world by the breaking and sharing of bread, particularly through our People’s Pantry.

Timothy Siu blessed us by making bread for our shared Eucharist based on a simple and traditional ‘No Knead’ recipie from the New York Times.  You can check the recipe or watch the ‘how to’ video here.

Tim Siu with Tim & Ken at the Newmarket Baptist ‘Spanish Lounge’



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