People’s Table Food Hub

– Moonee Valley Leader, June 2012

The People’s Table Community Food Hub @ Newmarket Baptist Church incorporates The Newmarket People’s Pantry and the combined churches Flemington/Kensington Community Meal.
The Hub seeks to :
1. Alleviate immediate food poverty in the Flemington, Kensington, North Melbourne and Ascot Vale Public Housing estates.
2. Promote holistic health and ‘healing connections’ through food production, distribution and consumption.
3. Provide access to ‘good work’ for un and under-employed locals.
4. Build social inclusion and community resilience through connecting food initiatives of local churches, community groups, and business; developing and connecting local leadership.

We seek to be a catalyst/hub for a rich and resilient local food culture that is created by and for the local Flemington/Kensington/Ascot Vale public housing estate community. We seek to empower local leaders and build stronger links between the iconic local cafe’s and restaurants, historic churches and active not for profit groups.

Our vision is of a “People’s Table” of worship, work, and welcome; where all are invited; where there is a place of honour for those considered least; and where there is enough for all to eat, share and be satisfied.


4 thoughts on “People’s Table Food Hub

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