‘Serve’ communities are a primary way of belonging at Newmarket Baptist Church

A key initiative of our ‘Pantry People’ Serve Community  isThe Flemington People’s Pantry’ 

pantry montage long

A ‘serve’ community:

  • Is a group of between twenty and fifty people
  • Can be either a new church plant or, more commonly, a sub-set of a larger gathered church
  • Centers on Jesus, helping people become and then grow as his disciples
  • Has a defining focus on reaching a particular neighborhood or network of relationships
  • Takes place in community and often revolves around shared times of food and fun
  • Has a healthy balance of PRAY, EAT, LEARN, SERVE
  • Does not require that members be professing Christians to belong
  • Is unashamed about following Christ, in values and in vision
  • Conducts worship, prayer, and Scripture reading as core practices
  • Looks outward through a mixture of service and verbal witness
  • Has a common mission focus that is the glue for the shared sense of togetherness
  • Gathers informally throughout the week, not just at formal meetings
  • Includes a high value on small groups for support, challenge, and closeness in member’s lifetogether
  • Has leaders who receive ongoing help, coaching, and accountability
  • Has leaders who do not do everything – they facilitate and release others to serve and lead

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