Prayer captures many ways of expressing spirituality and responding to God.  This is best captured for us in our experience of Jesus Christ and his Spirit, The Living Word.  

We recognise a diversity of Christian spirituality traditions and encourage a deepening understanding and practise of their wisdom.

Birthed in a Baptist tradition we particularly value the prayerful personal and collective reading of the bible as a means of connecting with the Living Word as well as participation in the sacraments of Eucharist and Baptism.

We see the prayer that Jesus’ invited us to pray; ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ as instructive for spirituality and practical living.lords prayer white small

Our Common Prayer spaces include…

Sunday Gatherings

1st Sunday:  PRAY

2nd Sunday:  EAT

3rd Sunday: LEARN

4th Sunday:  SERVE

5th Sunday  ‘Ordinary Order’ or ‘Taize Style’ Worship

Weekly Rhythms of Prayer

Monday:  11.15am ‘Lectio & Lunch’:  Prayerful reading of next Sunday’s Gospel at 12 Brighton Street before Flemington/Kensington Combined Churches Community Lunch at St. Brendan’s Hall at 12 noon.

Tuesday:  Whitley Chapel Service 11am during Semesters

Wednesday: Prayer Stations & Ministry Space at Flemington People’s Pantry

Thursday: Contemplative Prayer Footscray Church of Christ, Gordon Street 8.15-8.45pm


Kids Spirituality

Exploring traditions such as Godly Play.

Life Rites and Rituals

Quaker based Clearness/ Discernment Meetings




Baby Blessings : Dedication of Parents & Children

Preparation for Death/Resurrection, Funerals

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