Reading Groups

Some of the books we discussed at our LEARN Service’s in 2013 included…

TimBook_325px Tim Costello “HOPE”

On July 28th Tim Costello and Merridee Costello will be joining us at our 10am Sunday Gathering at Brighton Street, Flemington.

The discussion with the Costello’s will be lead by Kemu Qoroya and Carol Owen, Newmarket partners who have read ‘Hope’ and found it important for their own journey’s as they have both negotiated significant life and work changes over the course of the last year.

“Come Out My People: God’s Call Out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond” by Wes Howard Brook

come out my peepsLEARN SUNDAY AUGUST 2013

Our LEARN book for August 2013 is Wes Howard Brook’s “Come out my People!”.  Wes and his partner Sue Ferguson Johnson have toured Australia over the last month and  Marcus, Bron, Fiona and Minh attended a Bible study they led at Gracetree in Coburg.  At our gathering on Sunday 18th, Bron and Minh will share something of their personal journey in bible study and how this book is shaping their learning.

Sarah Miles : Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion



The story of an unexpected and terribly inconvenient Christian conversion, told by a very unlikely convert, TAKE THIS BREAD is not only a spiritual memoir but a call to action.

Raised as an atheist, Sara Miles lived an enthusiastically secular life as a restaurant cook and writer. Then early one morning, for no earthly reason, she wandered into a church. “I was certainly not interested in becoming a Christian,” she writes. “Or, as I thought of it rather less politely, a religious nut.”

But she ate a piece of bread, took a sip of wine, and found herself radically transformed….


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