As we seek to extend Christ’s invitation to fullness of life in God’s economy of grace; we consider the economics of our own lives and seek to serve others through generous, hospitable giving.
Some of us have journeyed closely with the Manna Gum’s Sabbath Economic’s Household Covenant.  This includes a simple introduction to Christian giving with questions for personal reflection/action.

As a community we use Baptist Financial Service’s igive system for offerings.  You can email your details to them direct via the online form here...


iGive is a contemporary way to provide your church offering in today’s cashless society.

iGive is a new, no cost, ministry service from Baptist Financial Services (BFS) for participating churches to receive offerings from individual givers without cost.

Offerings can be made by VISA, MasterCard or Direct Debit.

Benefits for givers

  • Giving is anonymous
  • Continue your offerings even while away
  • No cost to the giver or to the church
  • Email confirmation on establishing your offering
  • Your card and account information remains secure

Benefits for your church 

  • Enables regularity of offerings
  • No cash – time saving for Church Officers
  • Simplifies accounting
  • No need to publish church bank details – more secure

iGive is easy for givers to set-up, visit


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