Slow Sunday Brunch Service

slow sundays small

Looking forward to gathering in our historic Spanish Hall space this Sunday with the winter sun streaming in the window for the first of our EAT gatherings in our new monthly cycle…

This Sunday’s Brunch will include:

  • Sharing food including the blessing and sharing of bread and wine.
  • Reading the Sunday Newspapers and offering our prayers for others.
  • Pondering this Sunday’s Lectionary story of the Good Samaritan and considering its implications for our  ‘People’s Pantry’.. I found this article thought provoking… “When Robbers and Innkeepers Profit from Good Samaritans” 
  • Responsive prayer stations
  • Sharing our food traditions and stories that capture something of the hospitality of God including acknowledgement of the commencement of the Islamic festival of Ramadan that shapes the month for many of our neighbours.

Hope you can join us…



Morning sunshine and spread from our Easter Sunday brunch…


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