Last Sunday’s Playlist: Advent in Art ‘The Annunciation’


“It’s Mary and the Fairy”! said 6 year old Lowenna in response to this image which formed the basis of our reflection at this week’s community prayers for the first week of Advent.

The Archangel Gabriel also got tagged by congregation members as both Na’vi warrior from Avatar and Dr. Spock from Star Trek.

Artist James B Janknegt, says of his painting:

I’ve always disliked those renaissance and baroque angels, all tiny pink and effeminate. It seems angels always begin their message with “Don’t be afraid”. Who would ever be afraid of a pink, floating baby with wings unless your afraid it’s not potty trained. So my angel is big and imposing.

You can purchase images from this artist at his site or sign up for reflections over Advent via website produced by Mark Pierson for World Vision NZ.


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