Pantry People

pantry volunteers

Pantry People is a  ‘serve community’ made up of friends, volunteers and covenant partners of Newmarket Baptist Church.

We seek to create spaces of food, friendship and faith; welcome, work and worship; where all are invited; where there is a place of honour for those considered least; and where the miracle of enough for all to eat, share and be satisfied is celebrated.

We seek to promote ‘healing connections’ & ‘good work’ within a rich and resilient local food culture created by and for the local Flemington/Kensington/Ascot Vale public housing estate community.

We share food based parnterships across Melbourne’s Inner North West  around ideas and values of food security, sovereignty and sabbath economics which seek to understand, value and promote sacred and healing connections that are often lost in the dominant economy.

Some of our activities include…

  • Newmarket People’s Pantry Wednesdays 2-3pm, Food Rescue and Redistribution, 12 Brighton Street.
  • Flemington / Kensington Combined Churches Community Meal. Mondays 12pm at St. Brendan’s Hall, Corner of Church Street and Wellington St. Flemington
  • Seasonal ‘Pantry Parties’/Food Swaps/  Food production
  • ‘People’s Table’ Meal Based Christian Eucharist Monthly, Generally 2nd Sunday of Month at NBC.
  • Partner  with local food group’s, churches, MINTI, Foodbank Victoria, Sharing Abundance…

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