Who are We?

The Newmarket Baptist Church is a group of people committed to journeys of discovering what following Jesus means in the emerging culture of today’s Australia.

We share a common life of prayer, food, learning and service that is participatory, supportive of creativity, not afraid of questions, and connected to the realities of our lives.  We seek ways of serving our locality and society for the common good.

We are a church with over 125 years of local engagement within the diverse inner city neighbourhood of Flemington/Newmarket/Kensington with an emphasis on youth & families, food and multiculturalism.

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Extending Christ’s invitation to fullness of life in God’s economy of grace.

Journeys of discovery of what following Jesus means in the emerging culture of today’s Australia.

Resourcing spirituality through practices of praying, eating, learning and serving

Participatory, supportive of creativity, not afraid of questions, connected to the realities of our lives.

seeking ways of serving our locality and society for the common good

we welcome god given diversity which values people’s race, religion, capability, gender and sexuality.

our roots are in a baptist, free church tradition which values personal spiritual experience, local community, the biblical story, growing movements for peace and justice; freedom of conscience and religious expression.


“if the word community is to mean or amount to anything , it must refer to a place (in its natural integrity) and its people. it must refer to a placed people.”   – wendell berry

For us such people include…

The wurundjeri of the kulin nation (Acts 17: 26-27)

Alfred ‘Dad’ Mathews who placed the advertisement in the local paper for “ a cause in our neighbourhood”. This founded and grew the church from his lounge room to our present buildings in brighton street.

Mrs Meyer who’s young women’s’ group taught life skills and raised funds for locals during the 1930’s depression.

Joseph and Licia ciampa who travelled from Italy to start the first  italian baptist speaking church in victoria in the post-war 1950‘s.

Betty Lynch (our oldest member) who has supported multicultural children’s and community food programs with local public housing estate residents since the 1980’s.

Today the ‘cause’ remains the same and as different as the locality itself.

How might you find your place in this communion of saints?


the greatest spiritual practice isn’t yoga or praying the hours or living in intentional poverty… the greatest spiritual practice is just showing up.‘    – nadia bolz weber 

We state our core values not as nouns but as verbs that are at the centre of our shared life

pray : spirituality

eat  :  community

learn : discipleship

serve : missional


We ask our partners to discern how they may pray, eat, learn and serve at three possible levels of proximity/relationship.

personal:  Who are the people who have my back, spiritually, emotionally, personally at (or beyond) Newmarket Baptist? We encourage our partners to initiate small groups of common interest.

‘serve’ community: Our primary focus for belonging and service at Newmarket Baptist. It is a group of people, about the size of an extended family, committed to neighbourhood or network causes in a ‘whole of life’ way, within and beyond the regular confines of the church building.  It includes people at various stages of belief and belonging.

Our community is exploring different ways of serving.  ‘Pantry People’ is the name of our current ‘serve’ community.  We presently have friends, partners and volunteers exploring the development of serve communities in areas of youth, sport and creative arts.

events: We seek to celebrate through occasional larger celebrations of community and in broader movements for social and spiritual change  (eg. ecumenical church events at christmas & Easter, Surrender Conference, Baptist Gatherings, Community Service Sundays.)

What commitment of  time, energy, money through newmarket baptist will be important for resourcing your spiritual journey?


We welcome friends and partners to participate in our shared life as:

friends  through online or occasional connection, with a focus on former members or non-local supporters.

volunteers  who join us are in the work of our neighbourhood causes through which we explore ‘vocation’ and ‘good work’.

covenant partners include:

Those who publicly confess faith in jesus christ and/or have expressed this through baptism, and who seek to share in the regular rhythms of praying, eating, learning and serving through newmarket baptist church

Dedicated children of adult covenant partners who share in the life of and are learning about the ways of faith.

People of any or no faith who seek to belong and are open to exploring the truth we share.


  • Attend or contribute to our 4.30 -6pm Sunday Afternoon Gatherings
  • Receive ‘last sunday’s playlist’ online.
  • Get involved in ‘pantry people’, a group creating  community in our locality through food based connections, events and celebrations.
  • Explore what it means to be baptised
  • Initiate a focus group around prayer, community, learning or service needs.
  • Dream a dream… now that you know us, let’s start something!

Newmarket Baptist Church regularly meets at 12 Brighton Street, Flemington, Victoria 3031

Usual Service Time:  4.30-6pm Sunday.

  • phone: +61 3 93760208
  • email: marcus.curnow@gmail.com
  • The Prayer Gallery, Spanish Lounge & People’s Food Hall spaces are available for public hire.
  • ABN: 93-359-088-460

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